Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More Paperwork -- and Then Some!

This week, some bad news...and some good news.

The bad news: I received an e-mail Monday that the Ailsa Craig Quilt Festival had been cancelled this year for lack of entrants.  It was featuring Canadian artists...and I'd entered this:

Sometimes You Can Walk on Water
(C) 2017
Photo inspiration: Gina R. Blank


When I shared my mixed emotions about this on Facebook, two of my SAQA colleagues suggested I enter it into Grand National (Canada's art quilt show held at the Joseph Schneider Haus Historic Site in Kitchener, Ontario.  

I'd never even thought about it!  

Sure, I knew of Grand National from the awards won there by my first art quilting teacher, Anna Hergert -- but her work is so 'way above mine in finesse and perspective and...and...and...well!  It would be sort of like entering IQF in Houston, from where I sit!

But with Elaine Quehl's prodding, I asked myself, "What have I got to lose?"  -- and I checked the deadline.  February 24!  And I could do it online!

And so I did.

Wish me luck, everyone!

While I wait to hear the results, I'm going back to my Mod/Improv class...and starting that new one on abstraction with Lyric Kinard.

I've now done a "grids" exercise in the Mod/Improv class...and came up with this:

Working Title: "Hole in the Fence"

I've just posted it in the Classroom over at Academy of Quilting, so I'm awaiting Elizabeth's feedback.  At first I wondered if that big space just off centre needed something more...but having left it for a couple of days now, can tell by the working title that I'm now thinking of leaving it alone... ;-)  We'll see what EB has to say, eh?

As for the Canada 150 table runner, I've completed row 2 -- two of them, as required -- but remember, this is a mystery, so I'm not sharing a photo of that just now.

I mailed off two knitted gifts last week:

Baby Miranda's Feather-and-Fan Blankie

YinYang Kitty Socks for Chereena,
whose birthday is today!

It cost a pretty penny to send a light-as-a-feather-and-fan package to Quebec (the blanket)...tracked and insured.  If I get into Grand National it might be cheaper to fly to Kitchener and deliver it in person! 

I'm still working on Gina's Harry Potter House Socks (sorry, dear!) and am well into a wee knitted jumper (that's the North American idea of a jumper, not the British) for yet another baby in the Vancouver.  And I'm doing a cowl for The Shop in a new yarn we'll be getting in soon -- Tennen by NORO.  Stay tuned for photos!

Now...looking out the window, I see it's sunny and warm (Chinook!) so it's time to go out for a jog.  I'll leave you with a link to WIP Wednesday over at the Needle and Thread Network...and see you later!

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Good luck with your entry. Love your knitting.