Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Construction Continues

Since my last post, I took up EB's suggestion and added a narrow navy strip to the bottom of my "Shift" pieces from Lesson 1 of "Mod Meets Improv".  I like the way this bottom border gives the pieces just that wee bit of 'polish' and I will quilt them simply, mainly 'in the ditch' to allow the strips to be the focus...

"Shift" in Blue/Orange

"Shift" in Blue/Yellow

From strips I moved on to an assignment of free-cut (i.e. without a ruler) squares, set to float in a neutral background.  My first sampling was scrapped before it was completely assembled...and EB didn't argue when she saw the photo... ;-)

Nope, nope, nope!

I went with contrasting brights in the second sample, and it worked out much better.  EB was actually very pleased.  It will begin with in-the-ditch quilting too, but once that's done I might add a little something...we'll see what the piece tells me when it's that far along.

Too big for the design wall!

And yes, I know the seams don't all match.  This is 'improv' and they were free-cut, remember?  And working title as yet.  Maybe when I've quilted it, something will come to me...Any ideas, Gentle Readers?

This morning I struggled to find a good selection of double complementary colours for my next attempt -- a grid of 1/2 square triangles -- also free-cut!

While that project is under construction -- yes, at the same time! -- I'll be taking up needle thread to work on another, older, set of "statement" pieces that I'm considering finishing to enter into a new call for entry sponsored by the Artist Circle -- a Who's Who of  textile artists: Sue Bleiweiss, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Judy Coates-Perez, Jane Dunnewold, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Jamie Fingal, Lyric Montgomery Kinard, Melanie Testa, Leslie Tucker Jenison and Kathy York.

This project is technically a triptych, so I've made a couple of inquiries as to how to enter it.  All I will tell you for now is that this is the Call:

To learn more about this very special Call for Entry...visit the above blog: and stay tuned!

Now...while you investigate those might also visit The Needle and Thread Network, where I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday!  Have a great rest of the week and remember...when the stress of World News gets you down...RESIST the urge to run screaming from the room.  Instead, pour yourself a cuppa or a glassa...and go forth to...


rtquilter said...

Nice job, Margaret! I do like the stripes. Can't decide which I like best! That's a good exercise. Keep up the good work! Any spring at your house yet? We have bare lawns and gardens but not much growing except the noses of the brave little Snowdrops and Reticulata Irises!

Jo Vandermey said...

Very interesting to see your work in EB's class. I am so much better at representational work than abstract. Seeing your work with her last year and this has convinced me to take a class from her. It is on my bucket quilting related list.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you sharing your progress. It's fascinating.