Saturday, January 28, 2017


Yesterday was full of it.  Paperwork: up-dating the Excel (R) spreadsheet that is my monthly cash flow (much of my income lands in on the third-last business day of each month); answering correspondence (e-mail); sending out cards (birthdays and such); filing a health insurance claim (new prescription purchased)...and most important of all, preparing my response to two Calls for Entry with pending deadlines.

The first, for the Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival 2017 -- Canada Sea to Sea to Sea, in celebration of our sesquicentennial (150 years since Confederation) this year -- has a deadline of 11:59 p.m. EST (9:59 p.m. MST) on January 31.  I'm pleased to say I made it -- with a few days to spare!

Yes...I got the sleeve on the piece and was able to hang it on a bedroom wall for photographing...and the final photo was trimmed to eliminate as much of the background as possible, per the rules of the Call:

Sometimes You Can Walk on Water
(C) 2017
42" W x 36" L
Materials: hand-dyed and commercial cotton,
fusible web, cotton batting, cotton and polyester
thread, perle cotton thread, crayon.
Techniques: rough-edged fusible applique,
free-motion machine quilting, hand embroidery,
fabric colouring.
Inspirational Photo Credit: Gina R. Blank

Sometimes You Can Walk on Water - Detail

The second application was for the 18th Annual Lacombe Art Show and Sale, which has an entry deadline of a month from now: February 28 at noon.  That said, the form's been completed, the cheque for the fees written, the Artist's Bio printed, and the photos of recent work and a sample booth set-up burned to an accompanying CD.  All will be delivered to the City of Lacombe on Tuesday at my lunch hour -- City Hall being an easy walk from my work at the Shop and the weather expected to be reasonable!

This is the first time in several years that my daughter Gina won't be with me in this venture, so I've got to be sure I have enough pieces to show -- and that includes making several new 'minis'.  In addition to artwork, I plan to have some copies of Mark on the Body for sale, which I will sign for each buyer.

Here we are in the booth last year.  That stand at the back won't be there (it's Gina's), and her pieces and cards won't be on the you can see what I mean: there'll be plenty of space to fill!

I had thought of answering another Call for Entry -- one from the Alberta Society of Artists for "New Works".  I wanted to see if it was a fit for my Mark on the Body installation.  I ran the idea past my wonderful SAQA mentor, Bonnie J. Smith, a few months back and she cautioned me to be sure it fit the Call's parameters.  I've tried to convince myself that it does but...truth be told...having printed out the Call, and having read and re-read and re-re-read  It's not really right for the proposed venue, and it wasn't created entirely in 2016-2017.  So...back to the drawing board on that score!  I may simply have to send out materials "blindly" to various potential venues, whether or not there is a specific "call", and see what transpires.  That will require that I "screw [my] courage to the sticking place", that's for sure!

While I ponder that, I'm off for a jog, and then into the sewdio to work on my first assignment from Elizabeth Barton in our "Mod Meets Improv" class online at the Academy of Quilting -- and I'm linking this up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.

Stay tuned -- and have a lovey rest of the weekend!


Jo Vandermey said...

Best wishes on your up coming endeavours. It must feel good to get the paper work done!

Christine Staver said...

I like your quilt. I really love the clever! I am in the class with you.

Christine Staver said...

Margaret, this came out very well. Love the title. I am in the class with you.

Judy Martin said...

Good luck! This piece is terrific. I love the title. xo

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful piece with a great name.