Saturday, October 22, 2016


'The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley."

Ah yes.  

We put the Mark on the Body installation up on Wednesday a.m.

By Friday a.m., the main section -- "The Body" -- had fallen in a heap.

That was remedied right away by Maureen, my trusty contact at the City...thus... was too good to last.

This morning I awoke to an e-mail that told me she'd found the mobiles in a heap later that day.   Having had to lower them from the ceiling (where they were originally), she'd switched out the straight pins we'd used to secure them to the grids, with 'stick-on' Velcro (R).  Alas...the 'stick-on' didn't.  Stick, that is. 10 a.m. today I was on the road with my sewing machine (Miss Pfaff) and supplies.  Bless Christina, the Head Librarian at the Mary C. Moore Library -- located on the main floor of this venue.  She let me set up in the History Room, a room reserved for meetings and quiet study:

I tried to simply sew on the 'stick-on' stuff, but that gummed up the needle, so I trotted over to The Shop for some 'sew-on' Velcro (R), and a stitch ripper (I'd forgotten one)...just in case.

On the way back I picked up a sandwich and coffee at Kavaccino's as it was nearly lunch time.

By three-thirty p.m. or so, all of the 'stick-on' bits had been replaced by 'sew-on' bits, and the mobiles re-hung:

I know it looks the same.
It's supposed to!

Shortly thereafter I was back at The Shop to spend an hour or more knitting and winding down from the events of the day.  Miss Pfaff hadn't exactly been keen to sew the 'hooks' part of the Velcro (R), and had broken her thread every third or fourth one -- and there were 27 pair of these bits to attach! 

Blessedly, some rounds on the latest commissioned toque and a fresh coffee...and I was on my way -- but not without double-checking the venue.  Phew!  4:50 p.m. and all was still well.  I'll check again tomorrow after church...

Alas, doing all this meant I missed the SAQA Community Stitch Chat with Betty Busby and my planned long jog on the Alix Lake pathway.  The latter can be attempted on Monday if the good weather holds (and it's supposed to)...but the former? Those chats aren't recorded.  Ah well...I guess it's the mark of a working artist if one has to put one's installation ahead of one's recreation...  ;-)

And so to book and bed...but not before I link up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday -- and wish you all a great rest of the weekend!

If you're in the area this week...Just sayin'...


Kate said...

I was sewing hook and loop tape, this weekend and I solved the thread breaking on the hook side by taking my thread snnips and clipping the hooks off the two rows closest to where I had to sew. It worked perfectly.
Now I just need to remember for the next time.

Judy Warner said...

Sorry about the troubles, Margaret. Hope that everything is working as it should. May this week go more smoothly for you.

Anonymous said...

That day defines the word perseverance.....yours that is, for fixing all the problems.