Friday, September 02, 2016

It's a Book!

The 'action' this week has been focused on Mark on the Body, where I posted -- as is my custom, on the 29th of the month -- about preparations for the installation, now just weeks away.

The book of the same name, to accompany the exhibit, is now available on; it's bright red cover is grinning at you from the side bar!  Click that link -- the picture of the book -- and you'll receive a preview of the first dozen or so pages.  I received word this a.m. from a Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) colleague in Texas that she's already ordered her copy!  What a way to start the Labour Day weekend -- I'm over the moon!

Meanwhile, the good folks at the City of Lacombe are working on posters etc. for publicity.  They've received my head shots (thanks again to my sweet daughter, Gina, whose photography skills are stupendous!)  and soon I'll have more information about the time of the Artist's Reception, scheduled almost a week into the show, on October 26.

Here's where I stand on the checklist:

  • Quilt the background for Mark on the Body now that the hand-stitching is finished, and prepare it for hanging; Done! - Pinned for sleeve; pinned for stitching to finish edges. - Sept. 5.  Sampling done for 'syringe fringe' - Sept. 7.
  • Assemble MOB II squares in a mobile;
  • Finish knitting the ninth and last stump sock for MOB III;
  • Put into final form the draft of my book for the MOB installation, and publish it;
  • Approve and select final head shots for MOB publicity;
  • Order post-cards for MOB. Draft done; proof sent to mentor for review;  Ordered! - Sept. 7
  • Design and create the next piece for 15 x 15 Group, with the theme, "Botanicals".  Photos printed for tracing, inspiration;
  • Finish a commission knit hat and start on another knitting commission (more hats);
  • Work on three baby gifts (two knitted, one cross-stitch).  One baby (boy) born -- need to speed up knitting on blanket!
  • Work extra days for The Shop, at two out-of-town Creative Stitches and Crafting Alive! shows -- one in Edmonton and one in Calgary.
I'm linking this to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday, where this week she's channelling Sonia Delauney, one of the artists I studied in one of my classes with Elizabeth Barton.

I'd say with the work on this book, I seem to have been channelling writers of memoir -- perhaps Joan Didion, who, like me, was widowed, and whose book, The Year of Magical Thinking, was an immense comfort...but in truth, I'm not in her league!

Who are you "channelling" this week?  Who's inspiring you to keep making your mark with art?

Something to ponder as we move into the weekend...Onward and upward!


Kathie Briggs said...

Congratulations on the book. I ordered it but couldn't wait so I peaked at the preview. Wish I could be at the opening but I will be there in spirit.

I am not channeling anyone and not creating either. I skipped last month's assignment in EB's class but I will someone get this month' cone. House matters have consumed my time and energy. Clutter and disorder really hamper my ability to concentrate but I things more or less under control now so I hope I will be able to reestablish a studio practice. September is always a good time for me to start things. To me it is more a new year than in January.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new book. That's quite a check list but you're making wonderful progress. I wish I was channeling your energy and determination.

elle said...

Good for you!!!!