Saturday, March 19, 2016

I Meant to Post This Earlier...

Except for a couple of stubborn drifts in shaded areas (like close to my front steps which are on the north side of my house), our snow is pretty much gone here.  That may not last -- it's 60% POP for snow on Monday, and we're still getting some pretty chilly days and downright cold nights -- but essentially, with my tulips popping up, it's Spring here.

Cedar Wax-wing
A week ago, I decided that if I was going to do any snow-dyeing at all this winter, I had to do it then.  I found a drift of clean (as in not covered by berries, twigs and leaves left from a wax-wing party) snow, and dug in.  This was Very Old Snow, and so very crystalline.

Very Old Snow
I'd prepared the basin with an old baking rack on the bottom (to prevent pooling), on top of which I'd laid three scrunched up fabrics: one printed white-on-white with snowflakes; one plain cotton sheeting; and one poly-cotton blend scrap.  I piled the snow on top, and sprinkled on MX dye powder (from Dharma Trading) in 'Sky Blue' and 'Turquoise' -- mostly the former.

I brought it into the house, placed it on top of my washing machine and closed the sliding door to keep Miss Pookie out.  :-)

Then I forgot about it till later in the evening.

There was still quite a bit of V.O.S. left, but I could tell from the sloshing on the bottom of the tub that it was time to clear it out.

I emptied the V.O.S. into the sink and washed it away.  I then did something I've never done before:

  1. I didn't rinse the fabric.  
  2. I put the fabric into my washing machine, and poured in the dregs on top of it.
  3. I set the machine for a small load on the "Hot/Cold" -- which is the hottest setting it has.
  4. I set the machine for a short wash cycle - 8 mins. at most before spins and rinses.
  5. I put in a measure of Synthrapol, according to the directions on the bottom, and let it go.

Wash cycle completed, I through the fabric into the dryer...and ended up with this trio:

Top to bottom:
the snowflake white-on-white print;
the poly-cotton blend; and
the 100% cotton sheeting remnant.

I'm thrilled!  

While I usually go for a more 'serendipitous' look for skies, I can use this quite well...and love the way it evened out because I left it so long under the snow, and then did the washing machine routine.

I was fascinated by the snowflake fabric, as the print, essentially 'stamped' on top of the fabric, acted as a resist.  I find I can use on both front and back:

(L) Front; and (R) back.
I think I prefer the back, though!

On other fronts...

I've had 2 volunteer knitters for the MOB Project: Part III, for which I am very thankful.  I am nearly finished my first contribution to that part of the project.  One of the knitters is making her second contribution to MOB: Part II as well.  Such support is so helpful at this stage, over 2 1/2 years into the Project.

I'm plugging away at the Japanese-style Taupe Quilt...I will start the machine quilting of Section 2 this weekend.

Marty and Chereena's wedding invitation arrived last week:

I found myself digging into my stash...and starting a purple silk shawl.
I may not finish it in time, but I'm giving it a good try...

Pattern: Seashells on the Sand
free on Ravelry, written by Anna Yamamoto
Yarn: Hand Maiden Fine Yarn - Sea Silk 
(a Canadian company :-) ) in "Purples" colour-way

Linking this up to Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday...and getting out the door to take 4 pieces to Red Deer, where they're to be hung in the Central Alberta Quilt Show (April 1-2)...

Have a great weekend!


Kate said...

I like the snow dying. It made such pretty colours.
I am sure if you knit on that shawl, everyday for the next while, you will have it finished in plenty of time. Lovely yarn.

Kathie Briggs said...

Your snow dyeing results are great and I would guess very useful.
Marty and Chereena's wedding invitation is fabulous. What a wonderful keepsake. Hope you can complete the shawl on time as the color looks perfect.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the tips on snow dyeing. I love your results.

Linda A. Miller said...

Like the dye effects you got... I agree about liking the back of that snowflake print, too. Enjoy your start to spring!