Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rich and Full

That is how life is for me right now...and I am truly blessed.

I've just up-dated my last blog post to reflect what's going on in my "Celebration Year".  I've cancelled my knitting retreat in March.  Before you groan, consider this: I did it to ensure I can fully enjoy my trip to Stratford, Ontario in May!  Yes!  SAQA colleague, Jaynie Himsl and I have teamed up to travel together for the Opening of "My Corner of the World" and "MCOTW: Canada" at the Stratford Perth Museum in May.

The opening is May 21 from 1-3 p.m.  That's smack dab in the middle of the Victoria Day Weekend here in we've booked everything early -- flights, accommodation, rental car...  And because it's Stratford, of course we've also booked 2 tickets to see some live theatre at Festival Theatre ("A Chorus Line").  Whoo-hoo!  We'll be there May 20 -'s gonna be gr-r-reat!

On the home front, work proceeds apace on the "refugee quilts".  I found out at church this morning that "our" family has been identified -- a married couple with five (count 'em) kids, ranging in age from 1 to 10.  That's all we know.  No idea how many of the kids are boys, or how many are girls.  No idea about their origin...but we think they're likely Muslim.  We do know that this particular family is not from the 'professional' class (i.e. what we'd call 'white collar'), and that they don't speak English, so they are going to need extra help.

Three of the quilts have now been quilted and bound; one of those is completely finished, one is partly-hand-stitched, and one is pinned, awaiting hand-stitching.

Three more tops await quilting.  I've been given some more solid colour fabric by my friend J -- who also gave me some batting for the project -- so there should be plenty for backing them.  With such a large family, I'm thinking all 6 quilts will have someone to love.  :-)

And...I've been sampling for 15 x 15's next theme, "Mono-print", which will be revealed at month-end. 

I couldn't believe it.  I really didn't think I'd like this process -- mono-printing, that is -- as much as I do.  In fact, I like it so much that I need to get a larger jar of black fabric paint, and want to invest in a permanent plate (plexi-glass, 8" x 10" or 11" x 13" and about 1/4" thick) if I can find one.  Right now I've just about exhausted my black and deep purple fabric paint (tiny jars) and am going through the laminate plastic off-cuts my daughter's brought me -- at least the ones that are the size I like.

My Inspirational Photo

Auditioning for layout, position of "birds"
Working title: "Don't See Cardinals Much 'Round Here"

The neat thing is that out of the sampling on sheers, I got an idea for two minis -- with snow.  I decided to do the snow by spattering paint...but I didn't know how.

How to spatter paint, that is.

I think I must have done it as a kid, with an old toothbrush and water paints...but I'd long forgotten.  Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials!  I learned quickly from Aiden, clearly the best in the business:

So...I tried it on one of my early mono-print pieces.  I think the snow improves the look of the sample, don't you?!  ;-)

Then I tried it on a sample that was a mono-print on organza:

One sample = two minis...

This was so much fun that there might just be snow spattered on the "big" piece (above) too!

But...enough for today.  The sunshine is calling me out for a Sunday walk, to be followed by a quiet evening of stitching binding, while listening to Peter Robinson's Gallows View on hoopla (superbly narrated by Mark Honan).
"Sunrise" quilt top -- before quilting (ca 2013)
This quilt now lives with my next-door neighbours, J & E.

I'm linking this up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.  This week she's talking about using kits.  I used to use kits a great deal when I first began quilting.  Nowadays, not so much...but I still enjoy OPI (Other People's Instructions) -- for exactly the same reasons she's enjoying her new kit.  :-)

I've finished a Block-of-the-Month (12 little kits, actually) a year for the past three years, and last year I hand-quilted the first top made from one a pair of kits ("Sunrise" and "Sunset") bought from Thimbleberries in a by-gone time.  The second top beckons
from its box on the shelf in the closet of the sewdio...

Sew many quilts; sew little time!  Have a great week!


Jo Ferguson said...

You're right, there are so many quilts and so little time, but you do make the best of your time. I love the spattering of snow, it adds just the right depth. I'm looking forward to where you head next with those pieces.

Kathie Briggs said...

Margaret, congratulations on your decision to travel to Stratford for the show opening. I'm thrilled that you will be there to see your art hanging in a SAQA show. And then there's all the fun that Stratford offers. Nice work on the quilts for the new family. Bless you for preparing for the. Your monoprinting is sensational. Looking forward to see how they develop--I do believe you have a small series here.

elle said...

woo hoo! That'll be a trip to remember! I luv monoprinting. I use a gelli plate though and the toothbrush splatters everywhere but the print so I 'flick' with a fan brush! ;^) Aren't we having fun!!!

Giddings Art said...

I know you will have a wonderful trip with Jaynie to Stratford! I am so excited that you will see your beautiful piece in "My Corner of the World"! And getting to see "A Chorus Line" will be the icing on the cake! Good decision to book early too. I still have very fond memories of Denver.

Maggi said...

You couldn't possibly miss the Stratford opening. I suspect it will be a stunning exhibition.

I really like your mono printing.