Sunday, January 17, 2016


I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not 25 -- or 35 -- or 45 -- or even 55 any more!

This week has been full indeed: full of extra work hours to fill in for a sick colleague.  While this gave me extra knitting time (a bit, anyway), it wreaked havoc with my studio time, my computer time (SAQA business and such), my participation in my online class -- Dyeing for Quiltmakers with EB via The Academy of Quilting -- and even my sleep.  Yesterday I was so tired that I sent an e-mail (photo attachment, short note, innocuous) to my boss that was supposed to go to my friend P in Montreal!

LIFE -- ya gotta love it!

I had to re-think my priorities.  I managed to get the laundry done Friday (washed while I was at work; dried when I got home) but dishes and dust bunnies were threatening to take over my kitchen, so...I buckled down and did my dishes (no dishwasher; old pipes, no room) and swept the kitchen (I hate doing this and always leave it till I can't stand it any more).

Then I had to decide what needed to be taken care of first in the sewdio.  My sewing machine was still set up for artwork -- YLI silk thread on top and Superior's Bottom Line in the bobbin -- so I set to and finished my 15 x 15 piece...except to hand-sew the binding and attach the label and sleeve. Below is a detail of the layered, quilted mono-printing, complete with 'snow' (spatter paint).  You'll have to wait till month-end for the full "reveal".  :-)

Quilted mono-print;
organza laid over commercial fabric,
spattered paint

After that I finished up the second mini that I got out of the samples for the above piece:

January Surprise II (C) 2016
Quilted mono-print on organza,
commercial cotton, paint

I've enjoyed these so much that I'm down to the last bits of the background fabric.  Blessedly I still had some selvedge, so was able to look it up -- and found the line is carried by my fave LQS, Caroline's Homespun Seasons, in nearby Stettler.  If she still has this in stock, I'm going to get some more!

It took two episodes of Bonnie's Quilt Cam for all of this, and I needed a I went out before the sunshine disappeared and shovelled the walks and my driveway.  It felt so good to be in the fresh air and moving around that way!  We'd had a fresh dusting of snow on Friday and overnight.  How I wish my camera could catch the sparkle of the sun on that powder!

Back inside -- and next up: the "refugee quilts".  What was going on there?

I'd finished the third one Wednesday and set out batting and backing possibilities for #4 ("Off the Rails").  Navy poly-cotton for the backing (donated)...long enough but not wide I cut it up and pieced it.  The batting piece (also donated)?  The perfect length but too narrow by less than an inch on either side.  I was darned if I was going to trim the borders of the quilt so...dug out a pre-cut pack of Quilter's Dream and cut the size I needed.  Now spray-basted, it's ready to soon as I decide what thread to use.  I have some navy for the back but...for the front?  With those colours, maybe white will do!

By this time it was evening and I was pretty much at the end of my energy.  Time for a light audio book and some knitting.

Nine hours of sleep followed -- and the spring has returned to my step; I'm ready to go again...with a new set of priorities.

Today is Sunday -- which means church...followed by a visit to my colleague in hospital.  By the time I get home it will be late afternoon...and MOB has been neglected, so there will be 'stitch-along-to-the-audio-book' again.

I'll be working in The Shop at least half of tomorrow...and all of Tuesday...and maybe some of Wednesday...and all of I can see that Dyeing for Quiltmakers will continue to go on without me...

That's Life!

I'm linking this up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday, where this week she too is talking about Time Management...and her hopes for her schedule in this new year.  Good luck with that, Nina Marie! :-)


elle said...

Yes, sometimes I shhhh... wish for a snowstorm. But this year sure has jackrabbited out the starting gate. We are brutally cold herr. I am glad you are getting your sleep and your energy back. I really like that mono printing and you have sparked some inspiration for my winter wall hanging! :)

Maggi said...

No wonder you slept for so long. You really do need to make sure that you take care of yourself as well.

Kathie Briggs said...

Love the January surprise II piece. Its always a bit of a thrill when I see a cardinal up here. They are rare this far north. Downstate they were common and we loved having them visit the feeders. Love what you are doing with the mono-printing.

Judy Warner said...

Hope that your colleague feels better soon so you can spend more time in your studio. Remember, it will all be there when you have time. Speaking from experience, don't set deadlines that just add to the stress.
Hope this week is calmer.

Linda A. Miller said...

What a schedule! I can see why you slept so long... you needed it!

rtquilter said...

Well done, you, Margaret! I have been VERY busy but not on my Fibre Art! I am amazed at what you manage to get done. I LOVE your little January Surprise II piece. Reminds me of the bare lilac branches in our back garden when it snows- with the beautiful red male cardinals lined up there waiting for their turn at the feeder!!

Anna Maria Junus said...

As your sick colleague, I am very grateful you were there to cover for me. Believe me, I would have rather been at work than in prison...I mean the hospital.