Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Keep Calm...

...and {insert favourite verb here} on...

For me this week, it's the tried-and-true "carry" on.  Push on.  Push forward.  Make some sort of progress, darn it!


And while you're at it?  Keep CALM.

Lest you wonder what I'm on about, it's two-fold.

First, it's October, which gives a hand-worker such as I only two months or so to get all the desired and requested work done in time for Christmas giving.  For me, this includes some for personal giving (largely knitted) and some for sale -- by specific commission and in the gallery(ies).  (Funny, that; October seemed like plenty of time when I began to plan in August...)

Second, it's October, which means a new month in EB's Master Class.  A new month = a new assignment on a new theme.

This month the theme is "Dominant Colour; Dominant Mood".

On both fronts, I've decided to go with CALM.  Think: tranquility, peacefulness, serenity...and the scenes and colours that accompany that concept.

And because of Reason the First, I've decided to 'make mine mini'; that is, to create my "CALM" pieces in mini format for future exhibit and hopeful sale.

To get me in the right frame of mind (no pun intended)...I began by quilting up a wee painted sample I'd had kicking about the sewdio for a few months.  I made it when I needed to finish up some fabric paint I'd had out for something else...eons ago (no, not the Maritime Trio).  I don't remember exactly when; it could have been last year.

I call this one "Autumn at Cranna", as it reminds me of the view this time of year when I walk the path around Cranna Lake on the Northwest edge of Lacombe.

Autumn at Cranna (C) 2015

Autumn at Cranna - Detail

It was an experiment to stitch it -- and I did all that with my walking foot!  No thread problems, no tension issues...for which I am truly thankful!

This got me going for the sketches I needed to do for EB.

This one's based on the current view out my sewdio window...but I would add a few more leaves in the actual piece.  And the tiny dots?  Those are the fruit from this ornamental fruit tree, which I'd likely do in beads or French knots.

Working title: "A Calm Delight

This next one is based on a photo I took at the beach at Rochon Sands Provincial Park which is a 15-20 minute drive from here.  First, the photo:

The beach at Rochon Sands - Summer 2014

And now the sketch:


Yes, the sailboat is artistic license!  Buffalo Lake -- the body of water in question -- is much more a motor boat lake than a sailboat lake, but still...  ;-)

And a third reason I'm striving for CALM this month?

Quest Art School and Gallery in Midland, Ontario is having a competition: Fabrications: Juried Textile Exhibition.  I've entered a piece; the deadline for entry is Friday (October 9); notification of acceptance (or note) will be two weeks hence (October 23).  I'm trying not to hold my breath!

Time to maintain CALM with some stitching...and a good, long jog in the October sunshine.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for EB's feedback, and linking to WIP Wednesday on The Needle and Thread Network.

Until next time...
keep calm, and create on!


Linda A. Miller said...

Lots of good projects ahead, I see! May the month be a calm one!

elle said...

There is a need to be calm. I'm trying myself only this could be a busy wind up of the season as we prepare for the calmness that being snowbound brings. You surprised me with the lake picture as summer seems anything but calm. But GO For It!!!

els said...

Love your Autumn at Cranna piece. It is so CALM!
Really nice and promising sketches for EB. I am anxious to see which one will be the one you choose to do for this month's assignment.
And indeed keep calm and your fingers crossed for the show in Midland. Goog luck.

Jo Ferguson said...

Your posting was good timing, for me. I'm going to take move on and be calm as my mantra for the next few weeks. I adore the colours and stitching in your "Autumn in Cranna" piece. I'll look forward to seeing where your new sketches take you.

Unknown said...

Really like the new look of the blog, Marg... and your advice is becoming my mantra as well - CALM (all in caps) and making my days of breathing, working and anticipating a bit easier.... thanks.