Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's Too Darned Hot write much, so I'm going to post these...evidence of activity despite the heat.

I've been hankering to do this for some time now...taking a page from Lesley Turner, yesterday morning, early, I wrapped four trees: three aspen and one Manitoba maple (I think).  They are on the edges of a vacant lot a few blocks over, owned by Maria and Dave, from whom I procured permission:

Aspen #1 - piece of cotton bedsheet

Aspen #2 - a strip of a synthetic --
recycled from a defunct bedskirt

Aspen #3 - another synthetic (I think)

Manitoba Maple - unbleached muslin (I think)

I say "I think" because I didn't record which fabric went where.  Will now have to go and do that, of course!  All were tied with plain cotton kitchen-drawer string, and each one is dated:

They're not very visible from the roads that intersect nearby (the woods border a corner lot).

Later in the day I checked on them, and again this morning.  I'll have to let that go now, check less often.  Leave them to the Elements and to Spirit...for however long it takes...

Linking to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday...and signing off.  It's Too Darned Hot!

Sing it, Ella!


Wil said...

I am intrigued by this.

elle said...

exactly. sing it Ella! We are considering our options and guess what, it is too darn hot!

Maggi said...

It will be interesting to see your results. Don't be too impatient.

Lesley Turner said...

how exciting to see your new project - it will be so interesting to see the sorts of marks your trees make in their unique ecosystem - please do keep posting images as the stains develop- and thanks for the lovely Ella reprieve - here on the coast we are sending you some heat relief