Friday, April 24, 2015

That Thing That Hand-makers Face

I make stuff by hand.  I sell some, and I give a lot of it away.  Last weekend, two people "stole" my artwork at rock-bottom prices at a silent auction ($30 and $35 respectively) because they figured they could get away with it (they were within what had been set as minimum bids -- not by my recommendation), and still get Brownie points for donating something -- however paltry -- to a non-profit organization.  And they did get away with it (the framed, editted* photograph nearby got bids over $200).

I chalked that one up to experience.  Not happenin' again any time soon.

Listen, fellow textile artists.  Knitters are textile artists too.  Sometimes they make original designs.  Sometimes they "just" knit socks.  Plain Vanilla Socks.  With great yarn.  And they run into the same thing.

Thought you might enjoy what my favourite knitter, Stephanie (The Yarn Harlot) had to say today...Hint: the title of her blog post?  "No, I won't make you a pair for $10".  Go, Steph!

*editted = beautifully and skillfully altered by a photo-editting program.


Kathie Briggs said...

Sorry about that. I understand. I learned that lesson myself. I no longer donate artwork to causes that don't respect the artist.

arlee said...

You're already building a reputation as an artist at the galleries--these "auction for charity" things never benefit the artist, not in exposure, real recognition or future sales---we need to value ourselves more, whatever we do.

Sigrun said...

I learned the same thing. So now I donate cash in the amount of my materials, and save my time for something else.

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Yup-been there too. I no longer donate either. I feel like many times it is misunderstood, but I just simply will no longer donate to those types of venues. Sorry that it happened to you.