Wednesday, April 08, 2015

EBMC April: Seduced by Colour - Part II

With my head clearing, I was finally able to get back to my first assignment in the EBMC for April...on the topic of colour.

We had to submit several images this month.

  • A proposed colour scheme and it's inspirational source.
    • I chose a watercolour collage done by my former watercolour/drawing teacher, Sharon Lynn Williams of Calgary.  I bought it at an art show/sale there about a decade ago (it's untitled):

    • Here it is with the fabric I bought (see Part I).  

    • From there we had to categorize our colour selection (this was really tough):
      • Main colour: blue-green
      • Secondary colour: peach
      • Accent: red-brown
    • Proposed neutrals: beige/tan (not shown)
  • Sketches -- even tougher...
    • First, a colouring of one of my sketches from the January project.  I wasn't satisfied with this; the watercolour pencils didn't do justice to the fabric colours or my idea.

    • So...I made a new sketch -- watercolour only.  You can see the hint of the fence in the lower left corner.  I thought about putting it in...then tried to eliminate it...:

So...all have been sent off to EB, and await her feedback.

While I wait, I'm linking up with The Needle and Thread Network for WIP Wednesday.  Why don't you join me to see what other Canadian fabri-holics have been up to?  :-)


elle said...

I like your inspiration. question- do you work in the same colour proportions as the picture?

Judy Warner said...

This is fun to follow, Margaret! I love your color choices.

Maggi said...

Lovely inspiration and fabric. I do like the colours in the watercolour sample.

Judy Martin said...

this is really challenging I would think. When we first look at the watercolour it looks red and pink - the blue recedes so much - but on closer inspection I see that there is more blue green.

I am interested to see how you resolve this.