Friday, March 13, 2015


Even as I ponder "line" for my EBMC, I continue to work with it.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine saw a piece she liked when I posted my 3-pieces-a-day in the Facebook Artists' Challenge.  Entitled "Prairie Autumn", and inspired by a photograph taken by my late husband on an autumn drive well over a decade ago, I'd made 2 of these and both of them had been sold.  Would I make her one?

Of course!

Now...because I don't buy fabric in bulk (!), I really had to dig around to find comparable bits and bobs...but managed this morning to lay down the foundation.

Photo and foundation
Yep: sky, trees, prairie, fencing.  The lines are pretty clear...

Then I added machine quilting:

Every stitch is a line

After I quilted the sky, I added the building and the fencing:

Just a wee bit of hand-stitch on the roof and grass, and it will be ready for the mat.

What are you up to this weekend?  As you stitch, you might check out what's happening over at Nina Marie Sayre's Off the Wall Friday, to which I'm linking this post.  :-)

Have a great one!  Till next week...


elle said...

Its a classic, Margaret! :) If hubby can hobble, we'll be off to get some stuff for the kitchen do over at Ikea.

Bethany Garner said...

Hi Marg... love the little prairie landscape and so will our friend. You are very generous with sharing your designs, and they are terrific.
I am doing some Marbling with Golden Fluid Acrylic paints... and preparing to share with students in my Color course this week at St. Lawrence College. Your color choices for the landscape have inspired me to go get some bronze, copper and gold iridescent paint to marble and use on organza for overlays in landscape work.

Giddings Art said...

I love this! I know your friend will too! We did house/yard chores this weekend but I managed to finish another portrait.