Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Let's Face It!

I spent the better part of this a.m. and early afternoon quilting my piece for the "Lines" topic in my EB Master Class.

I knew I wanted to use my walking foot, so first I tuned in to my Craftsy class on the use of said foot, featuring Jacquie Gering.  It was helpful, but I was

Next I auditioned 3 possible threads using 2 different stitches...

Then I added a 4th thread and another stitch idea:

Sample, sample, sample...
The spools are both variegated "King Tut" cotton thread from Superior Threads, while the 'spindle' is a variegated cotton from Oliver Twist threads that I got years ago...when I bought OT embellishment packs etc.  Can't even remember where!

Stitch ideas: straight with walking foot; slightly wavery with walking foot; narrow (very narrow) satin stitch with walking foot...

Look closely to see where they stitching lines take you.

Now it's ready for facing.  Once it's faced, I'll send final photos to EB for her critique (deadline; March 31).

Prairie Spring I -  (WIP) 2015 - 23.5" square
The neat thing is, you can hang it any way you want.  I'll make sure of that when I attach the sleeve.  :-)

Like this:

Prairie Spring I - rotated 90 degrees (WIP)
Or like this;

Prairie Spring I - rotated another 90 degrees (WIP)

Problem?  Despite it's small size and deliberate design elements, someone here in Bed Quilt Central is sure to want it for a crib quilt.



Judy Warner said...

It is delicate and so subtle in its colors, Margaret. I love your choice of quilting lines - the closely spaced quilting lines definitely create interest.
I can't imagine suggesting a 23.5" square for a crib, but, at the same time, the color palette you have created would make a very restful base for a larger size quilt using the same quoting lines. I don't see that as a negative but as a statement of how wonderfully the fabrics blend and the design works.

Christine Staver said...

I love how muted and spring like your quilt is. I would love an entire bed quilt that looks like this! I think it was a good choice to quilt in straight lines.

Maggi said...

Coincidentally I was watching a couple of the Jacquie Gering lessons the other night as I thought I might make use of my walking foot for a journal quilt. Needless to say I ended up using my darning foot!

I think the use of the lines has made this piece very tranquil and fresh