Sunday, October 12, 2014


Mountain Ash (Rowan), prairie sky - Oct. 10, 2014
This weekend we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada (L'action de grace in the French-speaking parts of the country).

As statutory holidays go, Thanksgiving is relatively new in Canada -- having been proclaimed in Parliament as recently as January 31, 1957 -- when I was a few months past four years old.  It's not even a universally statutory holiday here -- it's "optional" in the Maritimes (but I hope they observe it in most places there too).

That said, the history of Thanksgiving in our country dates back to the early explorers -- Martin Frobisher in the Arctic and Samuel de Champlain in what is now Quebec.

Religiously, it corresponds to the English and European traditions of Harvest Festival, and today's service in the Parish of St. Cyprian (Anglican) in Lacombe was no exception, with bowers of flowers and baskets of locally-grown fruit, veggies and preserves decorating the sanctuary.  Special prayers were taken from the "Harvest Sunday" section of the prayer book, and special hymns were selected.  Coffee hour included the leftovers from our Annual Fall Dinner (October 9) and a cake celebrating 40 years of marriage for one of the couples in the congregation -- lest anyone go home hungry.  ;-)

Afterward, I drove out to Sylvan Lake for an early dinner with my sister.  Tomorrow I welcome my daughter.  We'll indulge in ham, yam fries, salad, wine and Saskatoon pie, likely followed by a long walk!

I have much to be thankful for this year -- not the least of which is for good health!  I contracted a nasty cold in Vancouver this past week and am blessed that by this morning, it had all but disappeared!  It means that very shortly I'll be able to fill you in on my MAIWA adventure in needle felting.

Happy Thanksgiving -- and "see" you soon!


elle said...

an action of grace. I like that. Be blessed, Margaret!

Darlene said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, Margaret. Always full of great information, no matter the subject. Love you!

Judy Warner said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Margaret! Looking forward to hearing about your workshop!