Sunday, October 26, 2014

Practically Perfect Weekend - Part I

When I posted on Friday, I was headed to Edmonton to attend "Stix in the City", sponsored by River City Yarns.  It was a Big Deal for them -- and for those of us attending.  Many knitters and crocheters were able to attend the full weekend of events with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Fiona Ellis...

I was just thrilled to be one of those at the Friday night "Comedy Club".  First, though, I had to pick up my entry ticket at RCY, the shop.  And of course, I had to browse...and though I recently protested to my daughter that I didn't want any more yarn (she gave me yarn for both Mother's Day and my birthday), this wee skein paid no attention and insisted on coming home with me...

"Wild Berries" - hand-dyed 100% merino
Indigo Moon Yarns, Gabriola Island, B.C.

What's a knitter to do?

I beat a hasty retreat!  Stashing the yarn in the trunk of my car, I dashed across the parking lot to Laser Quest and surprised my son at work.  Nothing like a hug from one's #1 son to start an evening off right.  :-)

When I got to the Hilton Doubletree hotel, knitters were already gathering in the lobby, waiting for the doors to open.  At 5:30 we trekked down the hall to the room, picked our seats, took up some wine and more knitting...

The Main Event was scheduled for 6:30 p.m.

Just before that time, I made my way to the...ahem...facilities. Afterward, coming out into the hallway -- there she was!  The Yarn Harlot herself!  A typically inane, "I can't believe I'm talking to a celebrity" conversation ensued:
MB: "Hello!"
YH: "Hello!"
I put out my hand: "I'm Margaret." (smiling broadly)
YH (also extending her hand and smiling broadly): "I'm Stephanie".
MB: "I know." (grinning even more broadly) "Um...if you need the washrooms, they're right there." (pointing down the hall)
YH: "I'm okay...but am I going in the right direction [to get to the meeting room]?"
MB: "Yes...right this way." (pause; still grinning) "I have a gift for you."
YH: "I like you already." (grinning back)
By this time we were at our destination, so I ushered Stephanie to the hostesses for the evening and said something like, "We'll catch up later".  YH: "We sure will" (both still grinning).

Okay.  If' the Good Lord had come for me then, I would have been perfectly happy.

Blessedly, though, He didn't...and so I was able to enjoy Stephanie's anecdotes and laugh till my sides hurt and tears ran down my cheeks.

And to give her my wee gift, and  have her sign the book I brought, and tell me how please she was to see it had already been read (tell-tale dog-eared pages and a couple of coffee stains on the frontispiece...)

And to have her allow me to photograph her holding my sock..and to knit a bit on the ribbing...

That was the sweetest gift of all.  Thanks Stephanie.



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