Saturday, September 20, 2014

Where Did It Go?

This year, 
the week after Labour Day
flew by:
preparations for new counter tops,
now installed,
repairs to the underbelly
of the house
so pipes won't freeze 
come January.

The wind blew in rain and wet snow
on my birthday.
Diesel went missing,
still gone,
likely forever.

Diesel Cat

On the heels of his disappearance, 
a trip to Calgary
despite the weather,
for a dental check-up,
 an over-night visit,
 a meeting
and a workshop 
that all who made it enjoyed.

Tree down behind our meeting venue

Back home in a
twenty-four-hour turn-around;
then to work,
by another trip --
this time to Sherwood Park
north of here,
just outside Edmonton.
 Another over-night
between two very full days
working a booth 
at the Creative Stitches Show.

Home again to face
fall yard work,
and company over-night.
Much to catch up:
connecting to neighbours
and friends.

There's always knitting
and working a bit in the studio.
There is always knitting.

This week?
A Monday evening meeting;
a Wednesday evening art Preview:
"10 x 10: The Unknown Artist".
Then a Thursday work-day
and travel that night
once more to Calgary.
Two nights this time;
Creative Stitches Show.

Suddenly -- Canola! (C) 2014

One of these days the merry-go-round will stop


Barbara Llewellyn said...

Well, it is probably better to be on a Merry-Go-Round than in a cell of solitude… :-)
So sorry about Diesel. Our cats never go outside because of the cars and the coyote problem. They hate having their freedom restricted. It is never easy.

Cathy Tomm said...

Sorry to hear Diesel is still missing. I missed you at Sherwood park, I went to look around on Friday.

Judy Warner said...

Hang in there, Margaret. Winter will come and the pace will slow.

Linda A. Miller said...

My what a pace! So sorry to hear Diesel is still missing, Margaret.

Linda A. Miller said...

And are you breathing???

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm so sorry about Diesel. I had a cat go missing ten years ago and I still wonder about her. I also had a family cat go missing for 2 months and suddenly turn up one day, skinny and happy to be home. They're smart and resourceful. Sometimes it's good to keep busy but I hope you take a little break off the merry go round to energize your batteries and creativity. We'll always be here when you get back on.