Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yes, There is Knitting

Knitting remains my primary form of stress relief, in and around the creation of pieces and preparing pieces for entry into shows, or awaiting the results of those entries, or following packing instructions for sending an entry to a show, or...well, you get the idea!

This week I finished one knitting project and sent it off to its intended recipient -- wee Miss Fiona, first child of Erica and Jeff, and first grandchild for my cousin Randy and his wife, Deb.

Clockwise from Left: Size 0-3 mos, in Schachenmayr Nomotta's Regia Canadian Colo(u)r ("Manitoba", I think - discontinued); 3-6 mos, in Patons Stretch Sock, colour #31242 (Olive): and 6-12 mos in ? some sort of cotton blend for which I've lost the label.  Yes...all were made out of left-over sock yarn, and I still have yarn left over.  The pattern?  River City Yarns "Baby Socks", which I bought in early May when I was in Edmonton -- with the last of the RCY gift certificates my kids gave me for Mother's Day 2013.  I bought the pattern (not kitted up) -- not because I don't know how to knit plain socks (I can do that in my sleep) -- but because I needed sizes and stitch calculations.  I may be able to create original patterns for my hangings and pictures, but for knitting?  Not so much!  :-)

Yesterday I finished off the first sock of a pair pour moi (!) in scrumptious Katia "Darling" -- a softly-spun super-wash merino-and-nylon blend.  Not from stash.  I bought this yarn at The Shop back on a gloomy day in March when I thought spring was never going to come, and I needed some portable colour in my hands:

The colour, by the way, is #208.  Each 50-gm ball is 208 yds, and for my favourite Plain Vanilla Sock pattern, the first sock took somewhere between 35 and 40 gm, so I've cast on sock #2 with the rest of the first ball (no; I don't care if they match.)  :-)

Now, while I knit on sock #2 of the pair, I return you to Regularly Scheduled Art Quilting...


elle said...

lovely colours!

Jo Ferguson said...

They're bright and beautiful. It almost makes you want to have a cold day, to wear them......I did say almost.