Friday, January 10, 2014

An Artist's Day Out

My Husqvarna "Lily" was ready for pick-up from the Red Deer Sewing Centre, so I went into RD this morning to fetch it.

First I had coffee with my dear friend A, whose applique skills leave me breathless (she knits too)...and then, to the machine!  A had suggested that perhaps a burr on the bobbin (!) had contributed to Lily's penchant for skipping stitches and breaking thread in her I got some new bobbins to try -- pristine condition, not scratched up.  One can only hope!

I also managed to find some Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite -- which, I was told, was a new shipment -- manufacturing problems having (apparently) been resolved -- and bought up the last they had (a mere 0.68 metres).  Still, I had enough to go forward, so I was a happy camper.

Next on the list: lunch!  I drove over to the nearby Chapter's (Americans: think "smaller version of Barnes and Noble"), which includes a Starbucks -- got a coffee, ate my salad, and browsed the books and magazines.  I am a confirmed the look, smell and feel of PAPER books...

Nowadays I don't buy fiction -- tending, instead, to borrow it from the library (the Parkland Regional Library system is exceptional!) -- but I love to browse.  This includes books, magazines and stationery.  Today in the magazine section I lucked out, and plunked down a chunk of change ($15.99 CAD + tax) for the current issue of "Belle Armoire".  I haven't invested in one of these for ages, but this one met all of my "buy" criteria -- that is, at least 3 articles with which I can DO something!

In this issue, there's an article on the knitting industry in New Brunswick!  NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA!  Whoa!  That in itself is worth the purchase.  How many people outside of Canada even know where NB is?!  I had to join the celebration; I have cousins in NB, fer Pete's sake!

So... I bought it.

It would seem I am entering a period of "what if?" and that the contents of this particular issue have something to do with that.  The New Brunswick article was merely the lead in...there's more...

It could interfere with my "Word for the Year" -- "Finish" -- might just contribute to it.

Stay tuned!


elle said...

Luv chapters. Wish they still had all those lovely tables but a chair in a corner works when I'm not at the coffee counter! I am back on the wagon- no fiction. sheesh, what a time waster those are! ;)

els said...

That sounds like a real nice day out Margaret.

Gillian Cooper said...

What a great day out. I love bookshops too and I'm trying to use our library instead of just ordering on amazon this year. Love the word of the year - it is definitely one I should adopt! said...

gasp! My favorite magazine to drool over. : ))) must go find it!

: )