Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One More Mini

Lazy Circles (C) 2013
A Christmas gift for friends, based on a photo of one of their fields.  The golden fibre is hand-dyed wool bat, needle-felted onto the background before sandwiching, thread painting and quilting.  Finally used my embellisher in one of the ways I'd envisioned!

...and a couple of blocks.  These are the last 2 blocks from one of the three Blocks-of-the-month kitted projects I'd collected.  I'll start another one in January.  Meanwhile, I have to come up with some sort of setting/sashing for these.  There are 12 that will finish at 10" square -- a nice throw size for a give-away, methinks.

Cinnamon BOM #11 - "Fireflies" 

Cinnamon BOM #12 - "Our Editor"

And that's all that's really new around here.  My kitchen sinks seem to be working again.  I suspect there's still some ice down in the out-going pipes below the floor, but with no basement, in this weather there's really no way to check.  More snow is in the forecast, and another cold spell, so I just have to remain cautious...

I've been nursing an on-and-off head cold for 2 weeks was an "on" day.  It's a wonder I got anything done at all.  I'm not even wanting to knit -- and I have 1/2 a hat to finish, plus two scarves...and one more sewn gift before Christmas.

Ah, well...I do believe I'll post this to WIP Wednesday over on the Needle and Thread Network (in my books, the BOM is a WIP till it's at least a flimsy), brew up some hot lemon drink and wend my way to bed.



M-R Charbonneau said...

Your landscape is beautiful! Lucky friends!

Judy Warner said...

Second try at posting a comment. I am way behind in blog following. :) Glad your sink is working again. Love your use of batting in your mini. The quilting line is very effective for the mountains. Is that hand quilting?
Have a good day.

els said...

Love your landscape. Hope you're soon feeling better.

elle said...

Sorry you have the bane of the season! That is a lovely mini!