Friday, December 06, 2013

I'm Late! I'm Late!

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Disney White Rabbit Gallery
Or at least it feels that way!  I worked yesterday, was in town at music practice till late last evening, had a drive home that alternated between "white knuckles" and "this is a breeze!", took 2 hours to unwind, slept in...and have felt like I've been running behind myself all day.

Furthermore, I leave in a half hour or so -- if my car, which I plugged in 3 hours ago, starts -- to go back to town for groceries, Evensong, and another shift at work.

Maybe the Evensong will calm me down!

In the meanwhile, it's December 6 and I'm committed to this short (3 Fridays) blog hop...The REAL Studio Tour...and have to tell you what my favourite non-traditional tool is.  Hmmm...Well, the thing you can't buy in a fabric shop but which is indispensable to me is my design wall, constructed of a slab of blue insulation material, covered with thermolam quilt batting.  Here's a picture of it in my sewdio; it's that white slab in the centre of the cream-coloured wall:

The tables have been re-arranged so my sewing machine now faces the window, but the design wall is still in that location, flanked by a peg-board on either side -- another non-traditional tool.  I use these peg boards for hanging tools and patterns; I have another on the wall of the closet on the other side of the room, that holds knitting needles.

So there you have it -- not one but two non-traditional tools to start off my REAL Studio Tour!  To see what others use in non-traditional fashion, click HERE, and enjoy!

NOTE: Mark on the Body update shortly --- but like I said, I'm late and I gotta make tracks!


Linda A. Miller said...

Thanks for the tour.... enjoy your busy day!

Sarah said...

And don't we all love our design walls??!! I always tell new quilters to make room for one anywhere they can.

elle said...

Ha! My whole year has been 'Let's play catch up'! Design walls are absolutely necessary. Agreed! I have an old house and wall space is interrupted by slopes, doors and windows. I'd luv a rigid one but make do with a white curtain over a bookshelf. Have a nice evening, Margaret! :)

Vicki W said...

Excellent! Thanks for participating with us.

Mary said...

I love your peg board idea. I sure wish I had more wall space in my sewing area to install one. Thanks for sharing.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wish I had room for some sort of design wall - yours is great!

Mystic Quilter said...

After reading your post I'm now thinking I should have had a piece of peg board on my wall for my rulers and so on.
I have used the same material for my design wall, it's great isn't it!

Sharon - IN said...

Nice set up! Looking forward to seeing more of your studio.