Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Burgess Shale Project is on the Move!

My Little Choia Garden (C) 2013
I've been updating my "Exhibits" tab on this site, so went to the Alberta Society of Artists' website for the link to TREX (Arts Travelling Exhibition Program) to find out where SAQA Western Canada's latest touring show is now.

Given that this fall has passed in a blur, I missed the September 30th Press Release featuring a photo of my friend Hanne Seidl's piece, Leanchoilia, but I've redeemed myself by printing off a copy for my files -- and by giving you the link!  :-)

Also available on the website is the 2013-2014 Calendar for TREX exhibits.  The Burgess Shale Project will be travelling for two years, so a new calendar will be produced next fall.  It's only one of fourteen exhibits travelling under the auspices of TREX, which is "...a government-sponsored initiative designed to promote Alberta art and artists through professionally developed exhibitions for use in schools, libraries, healthcare centres, rural institutions and galleries..."

For those of you in Alberta, for the next several months the Burgess Shale Project will be touring schools and libraries in Central and Southern/Southwestern parts of the province.  Here's the short list between now and the end of 2013:

I'll be updating my Exhibitions tab regularly so folks can follow the exhibit around the province, but I encourage you to download the PDF calendar and check out the Burgess Shale Project when it comes to a location near you!

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Judy Warner said...

Wish I was in the neighborhood of one of the showings!