Monday, September 02, 2013


Bless Mother Nature; she still thinks it's summer.  Today it hit 29 C with nary a breeze.  I'm writing this post in the late afternoon on the bench of my Outdoor Studio, where I have been knitting the small short sleeve of a child's sweater.  

I began the day with an almost-90-minute jog (actual distance yet to be determined) and then puttered about indoors.  I packed my case and organized my larger pieces on hangers for the trip south tomorrow -- and to the gallery Wednesday.  I dug out my overnight case.

In anticipation of the Duct Guy next week -- cleaning my furnace ducts -- I sorted the mountain of green fabrics resting on the corner of my cutting table, and generally improved his access to the ducts in the floor of my sewdio.

In the process, I pieced the September Block for the Cinnamon Block-of-the-Month:

"Grandmother's Favourite"
I updated the blog for the Anglican Parish of St. Cyprian's...because I'm the one who does that.  :-)

Then I went outside, where I've been pretty much ever since.

I'm moving in slow motion.  

My neighbours are away and while I like them a lot, I'm happy to be on my own this "Last Official Day of Summer" (no matter that the summer-to-autumn change-over doesn't happen, calendar-wise, for another few weeks).

And I'm pondering...the "new" year; my friend C, who's birthday is today;  the activities of the week ahead; the outcome of the gallery visit; the outcome of the 2013 SAQA Benefit Auction (which starts online a week from today); the outcome of the City of Lacombe exhibit, "10 x 10: The Unknown Artist", which goes up at the Lacombe Memorial Centre (5214 - 50 Avenue, Lacombe, Alberta) ten days from today...

You get the picture.

September.  Full of autumnal goodness, yet clinging to summer's warmth...

View of sis' garden shed from her deck
Crazy Stewy, the Resident Squirrel
Diesel enjoys late August sunshine
Labour Day Hors D'oeuvres - my tomatoes!

Late summer geraniums border the Outdoor Studio
Here's hoping your move into Fall* is smooth and silky...

*with apologies to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, who are getting excited about Spring!


Kitchener Quilter said...

Ahh, yes, September. A month like no other. You've written of it so clearly. Love that Diesel guy. Cats really know how to savour the day, no matter what time of year, don't they?

Giddings Art said...

What a lovely post. I am eagerly anticipating Fall....however it is well over a month away yet here. (We came close to the 100 degree mark here today)

Giddings Art said...

Forgot to say.....what an adorable picture of Diesel!

Judy Warner said...

Enjoy the warmth, Margaret! My Huskies are celebrating the cooler temps here!