Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Inspiration

Even though I'll be out of the studio the better part of the next four days, I am determined to focus and 'work on the work' when I am there -- at least 3 days per week for the foreseeable future, and as often as possible, 4.

I draw inspiration once again from Judy Martin...and from one who inspires her.

When I work on a quilt, I put away all thoughts that are not helpful and channel my energies towards relaxing and becoming one with my fabrics. 
Since I work intuitively, this is absolutely important. 
I begin to see shapes in my head and think about how to cut them out of my huge palette of colors that I have hand-dyed in my basement dye studio. 
Never, ever do I think about what others expect or want or what will sell, but rather I look at my time in my studio as a process of discovery. I love being inside my brain and pushing myself to think in ever more complex ways because I know the ideas are there for the taking. 
It’s all about being focused and disciplined and making use of one’s abilities. 
And about being alone, in solitude, so one can think and feel deeply without interruption. 
I have definitely grown far closer to myself rather than to others because I see my quilt-making as my experience which has nothing to do with other people.


arlee said...

I just read Judy's entry for today and have to agree that since there are so many distractions in today's world, that it's more productive to back away a bit---how much inspiration can one take in before one becomes glutted, and doesn't know where to start, or what is one's own anymore?

Kaylene said...

I like what Nancy has written and must put that up on my wall. Cheers

Judy Warner said...

Great way to start a day.