Sunday, September 08, 2013

Another Year Older

I joined Facebook some years ago to keep up with my kids.  Little did I know that it would lead me to old friends, people I hadn't seen or heard from in 20, 30, 40 years.  S is one of these friends.  We grew up down the block from each other on the edge of town...her father was the local vet.  She spent parts of each summer with us at our family's cottage, and on day trips to places like the Granby Zoo.  She and I are 9 days apart in age (I'm older).  

Today, at 61, she marked my birthday with this photo she'd dredged up from God-Knows-Where.  That's me on the left, with the longer hair and the glasses.  We were about 15, I think, based on what she told me.  I think we are posing at her place, but I can't remember why.  Prom?  Just a special dance?  NO. Methinks it was the First Prom at our new high school...Chateauguay Valley Regional...May or early June, the end of the Grade 10 year.  Check out the gloves!  (She gave me permission to post this, so don't freak out!)  (How many of you are old enough to remember when you first said, "Don't freak out!" ?)

I also heard from B and M today -- both gals with whom I graduated 'way back in....1969... Thanks, gals!
Buzz Aldrin on the Moon - July, 1969

Still, even with this photo and their well-wishes, I was a bit maudlin today.

Facebook has taken the place of "reach out and touch someone" -- that is, hearing the voice of a loved one over the 'phone.  Yep,  My kids remembered my birthday, alright -- on my Facebook Timeline.  Sigh.  No phone calls; not even a voice mail.

It's not their fault.  Somehow, my DH and I failed to teach them that second only to face-to-face interaction, the telephone (i.e., a live human voice) is the Next Best Thing.  FB and e-mail are great but I'm old enough to hunger for Real Human Contact and that includes hearing the voices of the people I love!

My sis and I celebrated last weekend -- as we often do -- because this week is always Canadian Country Music Awards Week.  This year the celebration was in Edmonton and I have to give a shout out to her because (drum roll, please!) once again she (and her team) at The Ranchmans have worked hard to win the "Country Club of the Year"!  'Way to go, sis!!

And some of my Mirror friends have helped me mark another year:  C took me for BLTs at the Whistle Stop Cafe yesterday; J gave me some pretty new earrings.  Earlier in the week, S took me for dinner at Joey's in Calgary (yum!) I am well and duly spoiled.


Well...those of you who are Old Fogies get the picture.

Here's to another year!


elle said...

And I hope it will be a good one! Happy birthday!

els said...

Happy belated Birthday from Saba.

Dolores said...

Happy belated birthday and many more to come. I hope you got to have your favourite cake.

Linda A. Miller said...

Yes, the face to face connection is what we seek, and those skills seem to be falling away with many. Glad you had a good Birthday!