Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Slightly Different Approach

Remember when I played with transfer paints early in my "Self-directed Summer School 2013"?  I had rather mixed results but, true to form, have kept all the samples to date -- disasters and all.

One sample caught my eye as a piece with which I could do something.  I decided that 'something' would be a 'whole-cloth' miniature -- machine quilted and hand embroidered.  I finished it last evening, and here is the result:

Early Planting - (C) 2013
It's very pastel -- especially against the dark green of my cutting board! -- but that's intentional.  I meant it to reflect the fresh, light greens, golds and blues of very early summer (or late spring) when things are just beginning to happen in the earth.

Today: more miniatures under construction!

Oh...and my "Time" themed piece for 15 x 15 is finished and photos and Artist's Statement submitted to Kaylene, our Fearless stay tuned for the "Reveal" at month-end!

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Linda A. Miller said...

I am enjoying your miniatures. This one is so soft and delicate...great work, Margaret.

Dolores said...

I find it refreshing to work small every once in a while.

Sam said...

I also like the pastel colours. I'm looking forward for the reveal.

Giddings Art said...

I like "Early Planting" very much! I am also looking forward to the Reveal!

elle said...

These little landscapes are very satisfying it seems to me! ;)