Monday, August 26, 2013

More Creative Women

I say that a bit boldly, because if you took a close look at the SAQA Benefit Auction pieces in my last post, you'll have noted they're not all created by women.  (Grin)

However, I wanted a bit of a connection between that post and this one from John Hopper about the makers involved in this enterprise founded by Ellen Dorsch of Vermont.  To my delight, I've found a location in Edmonton that's on the list of vendors of these products.  It's now on my "must see" list for my next trip up there!

And then... I wanted to draw your attention to this work by Canadian artist Judith (Judy) I've admired before, and which continues to inspire.  Taking a page from her book, I'm compelled to resume work on the crazy quilt blocks I abandoned a year ago, worn out from trying to do one a week.

I may or may not resume that pace, but return to them I will, this fall...a perfect slow-stitching project for the winter.  I haven't lost sight of the piece for which I began to make them in the first place...and Judith's persistence has motivated me to get back at it!

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Linda A. Miller said...

Thanks for posting this, Margaret. I looked up Judy Martin's work and it is amazing!