Monday, July 15, 2013

Facing Auditions

It's a rainy day here in Central Alberta.  Cool and drippy.  Soup-for-lunch weather.  Indoor Studio weather.

Earlier this week I had a session outdoors with painted used dryer sheets, which I distressed with my heat gun.  Great fun, but very smelly and definitely something to be done out-of-doors.

Yesterday I quilted and trimmed my Texture piece for 15 x 15: "Tree Study I".

This morning, I faced it:

I wasn't sure it needed anything more, but I had these fun pieces of distressed painted dryer I've taken a couple of auditioning photos:

Audition #1

Audition #2

The differences are subtle...but I'm leaning toward the second one.  I don't think hand stitch alone would get me the effect I want -- it seems to be all (the dryer sheets) or nothing at all.  Any thoughts?


elle said...

yup, second one. Looks like the real deal! :)

Giddings Art said...

I really like the dryer sheets. I like the texture it adds.

Giddings Art said...

# 2. Sorry, I missed that there were two of them!

rtquilter said...

Great job Margaret! I love the dryer sheets too. They really add a more realistic and textural element.

Judy Warner said...

I like the second one also, Margaret. Otherwise that tan piece in the lower center distracts. Great way to get the texture you are looking for!