Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quilts for Calgary - Come Hell or High Water

Thank you to SAQA Western Canada for posting this information on its blog!  Now there's a way for quilters to help out that is concrete and do-able.

There are shops in Calgary accepting quilts:
  • My Sewing Room (where I got my start as a quilter with their wonderful classes); and
  • Rumpled Quilt Skins (in Okotoks, where I bought my trusted Husqvarna Lily 555, located not far from High River, the worst hit in the floods...)

There is also a connection with our quilting friends in Houston, Texas (Calgary has long been nick-named "Houston North" because of the oil business)...and a way for our US friends to help if they so choose...

(from "Quilts for Calgary" on Facebook)

  • USA Address for Donations to Quilting for Calgary (Facebook)

    We are most grateful to Westfreight Systems in Houston for their kindness and generosity. Westfreight will be bringing US donations to us once a week hence eliminating the customs concerns and expense for our US friends in getting their donaitons to us. Please send your donations to:

    Westfreight Systems 
    16855 Crosby Freeway
    Houston, Texas, 77049 
    Ph. 281-456-7332 

    Attention: Kathy or Randy

As for the sweet sister, Marketing Director for the Ranchman's Cookhouse and Dance Hall in Calgary, is currently run off her feet...Come Hell or high water, that town's gonna party!

And what would a Western Canadian flood be without an appropriate song?!

Written and performed by Blake Reid

Yes, I'm back from Montreal...and working in the studio.  More posts soon.  Summer School is underway and I've been playing with paint and my new embellisher.  Stay tuned!

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