Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I've Never Had the Privilege

...of working with or studying directly with Quilting Legend, Libby Lehman.  However, every program in which I've seen her -- largely through The Quilt Show -- and all I've read has been positive, up-beat, fun and full of quilty goodness.

She is creative, talented and a great deal of fun -- and now, as many of you may already know, critically ill, having experienced a brain aneurysm and (apparently) a stroke.  Both of these things can be fatal, but she has made it through surgery and is apparently doing well...but recovery will be a long, slow process.   All of us in the quilting community (traditional, artistic and everything in between) need to support her with our prayers.

I have no clue how old Libby is, but at 60...from a family with blood pressure issues...I am feeling particularly close to her situation right now.

The Quilt Show community is keeping up with Libby's condition...but I thought THIS LINK from Bonnie Hunter would also be helpful.

Watch and pray.

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