Monday, May 06, 2013

Another Busy Day

...away from the studio.  The good news is, when I get back into it tomorrow morning, I'll be able to see the floor!!  I even washed the cover of my ironing pad and the wee hot pad on which I sit my iron (made for me by my son in Junior High textiles class).

Because I'm short of time today, I thought you might like to see the work of a recently-found Australian cousin of mine, Marian Rennie (several of my father's family went to Australia decades ago and stayed to raise families).  She quite rightly pointed out to me in her e-mail this morning that the Rennies seem to have a very strong creative streak.  Being of sturdy Scots stock, most of the ones with whom I'm connected here in Canada seem to have used that streak for utilitarian purposes (garments, bed quilts and the like) but there are also painters and photographers and writers...

Marian is a talented painter and you can see her work HERE.

For those of us who took the session with Leni Wiener in Santa Fe...see what a clear voice Marian has?  It travels across all her series!  I have promised myself to go back for a closer look...again...and again...

Thanks for re-connecting, Marian!

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