Sunday, April 14, 2013


"One Square Inch" (C)  2010
Commercial cotton, hand-pieced, machine quilted

I have a little quilted piece;
I made it twelve by twelve.
Put in an online auction but
Alas, it didn't sell.

I took it to a show and sale
Among my other wares.
Though it received a lot of 'looks'
There were some puzzled stares.

Another show is coming up;
I gather inventory.
This little piece presents itself:
Will someone hear its story?

I have some canvas, nicely stretched,
On which I could attach it,
But still...does it look out of place? 
No other pieces 'match' it.

I like this little quilted piece,
So different from the others.
It makes a statement -- rare for me --
Alone among its brothers.

And so, perhaps, I'll leave it home,
Just put the rest on show.
They say, "Consistency's the key
"To selling art, you know."

I have a little quilted piece;
I pieced it all by hand, 
In a large and noisy land.

To learn more about One Square Inch -- the quietest place in the United States -- click HERE.

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