Monday, March 11, 2013

Moon Watch

I confess I'm not one to pay attention to the phases of the moon.  The full moon is always a delightful surprise, especially if it's so bright that I don't need my high beams driving home after dark on Highway 12 east of Lacombe.

So...I've sorta been relying on arlee to poke me when it's time for the TUSAL 2013 ORT Report.  Last month I took a photo and then ran out of time to post it on The Day, and then forgot altogether -- which I believe is at least slightly in the spirit of a Totally Useless Stitch-Along, don't you?

So here's what my jar looked like at the last New Moon:

ORT Jar New Moon Feb 2013

And here's what it looks like this morning:

ORT Jar New Moon March 2013

That orange stuff is 'way down there.  See it on the right?  I've obviously been working!

Thanks for the wake-up call, arlee.  Now let's go cut more thread!

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Judy Warner said...

Glad to see it filling up, Margaret.