Friday, January 11, 2013

Frigid Friday...

Perfect for working in the 'sewdio'.  :-)

Yesterday I finished the quilting on my sample, "Mountainscape I".  During the process, here's what I learned:

  • All other things being equal, Bottom Line (R) thread in the bobbin works significantly better than (even) good-quality 50-wt cotton, when invisible thread is in the top spool.  This is particularly true when one is trying to quilt sharp, pointy shapes.  The 50-wt thread kept pulling up a the points, making wee white dots all over the dark green (tree) fabric.

  • My FMQ skills are better than I remembered from the last session (just before Christmas, when I was finishing "Trio" for my FAP.)

  • A sample this size (12 x 20, finished) is still large and a bit awkward for me to quilt.  I need to move very carefully on the finished piece which will be three times this size!

  • Once I finished the quilting I added some paint.  Because the scene has a night- and day-time sky, I made a 'moon/sun' with my quilting (see the face of the moon, turned on its side?) and used a freezer paper stencil and oil paint sticks to give it a 'glow':

    I also added snow on the mountain tops, using paint rather than fabric, for a softer look:

    Now I'm considering adding tiny trees to the surface, stitched on by hand.  Right now they're simply positioned with a dab of washable glue-stick!  Here's how the piece looks right now on my design wall:

    All of the fabrics are commercial cottons and batiks from my stash; the challenge is to pick ones that would give the desired effect. Once I stitch down the trees, I'll add some flowers, using embroidery -- French knots, seed stitch and the like -- in red, rose/pink and perhaps a touch of yellow -- in the grassy area at the bottom. (Remember, the aim of the larger work is to include the colours of the liturgical calendar.)'s off to stitch I go, but not before taking up Nina-Marie's kind invitation and linking up to "Off the Wall Friday".  Why don't you head over there and see what's what, too?


    Cathy Perlmutter said...

    Very serene and lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    Jenny K. Lyon said...

    Lovely! I like the effect of the paint very much. And adding little hand applied trees would be great. It's a beautiful piece!

    Nina Marie said...

    one of the best things I ever did was start keeping a process blog that helped me document what I learned and where I wanted to go - this is great!

    liniecat said...

    Gosh I adore this panel the moon, sky and mountain especially!
    Am blog hopping and really like yours!