Sunday, September 16, 2012

September Silence

"Morning Mist" - (C) Claudia Gregoire
The good news is that in this noisy, angry, chaotic world, there remain places of solitude and silence; there remain people who value and encourage and invite the rest of us to enter into stillness.  Christine Valters Paintner at the Abbey of the Arts is one such person.  Under her tutelage I am reminded what is important, how to keep my life balanced.  I am supported in my aim to be a "Monk in the World", living out my faith and practicing my art through the Rule of Benedict and its expression in the tenets of the "Monk Manifesto".

In September, we are practicing our commitment to finding moments daily for silence and solitude.  We are expressing this commitment in photography and/or poetry.  Won't you join us?

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Linda A. Miller said...

Beautiful way to begin the fall..thank you for sharing the process of your path, Margaret.