Monday, August 06, 2012

Coming Soon...

Free Spirits (c) 2012
The Annual SAQA Benefit Auction  is just over a month away.  Members have been asked to curate virtual Auction Dream Collections, which is great fun -- and you can see mine -- Geometric -- here (scroll down). This year I've unashamedly included my own piece in my Collection, as I wasn't sure it would get 'out there' in anyone else's (it's a bit odd as to colour selection, a departure from my usual).  However, I was delighted to find out recently that it has been included here, by Jaynie Himsl, in her Collection entitled Made Me Smile (see it on page 4 -- scroll down)And that made me smile too!

(Note: If the links in my posts are hard to see, please let me know.  As my blog's Decade Anniversary approaches in the next few months, I'll be thinking about improvements and a fresh look, and want to catch any wee 'glitches' that make the site challenging.  Thanks!)


Jenny K. Lyon said...

I'd love to see it-could you provide a link? Thank you!

Linda A. Miller said...

I like your collection! Thanks for posting!