Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Was It Something I Said?

Every once in a while I lose a 'follower'.  Gain one; lose one; gain one again.  I don't know all my followers, and some of them don't have blogs of their own, so it's often hard to get in touch (or stay in touch).  That said, I get a little twinge when I lose one, like today, because they just leave.  The number of followers changes, and the blogger never knows why.  I think I might know who left today, but I'm not sure...so I can only hope he or she will come back someday -- perhaps when he/she has more time to follow blogs, or finds I've gotten more interesting, or has forgiven me for whatever chased him/her away in the first place.

Gentle Reader, I'll miss you.


Judy Warner said...

I'm still following Margaret, though I haven't been as up to date as usual on reading. Hope to get back in a routine next week. I always look forward to seeing what you are writing about.

MarthaVA said...

Don't take it personally , people change what they are interested in, or stop blogging themselves, or whatever. If it was personal, they would say something, at least that's how I feel about it. I've left blogs and not said why. Sometimes I find the blogger interesting at first, then I am just not so interested anymore. It happens.

Andee said...

I have been reading you awhile, now am an official follower. Not going anywhere either!

Linda A. Miller said...

It does produce a question when someone leaves...time factors can be a motivator. Speaking from my own experience, it seems the more I take on to read, the less quality time I can spend with the reading...then I end up dropping what seems less important. I enjoy your blog and will be staying!

Kit Lang said...

That's funny! :)

My blog count varies A LOT. I think it's because of the political nature of a lot of my art. If you joined me because you came across and liked my flying rabbit, you may be put off by my naked lady with the word SL*T written across her. lol

Consequently, my count goes up and down two or three people per week - I always end up hovering at the 157/158 mark. Alas!

When I see I've lost someone, I always think to myself "Go with the God of your understanding. Peace be with you."


Bee said...

I'm still here too, Margaret. I don't have much time to read and comment right now, but I always look forward to your posts. I know what it feels like as I have lost and gained followers. As MarthaVA said above...don't take it personally.