Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just a Quick Note

The Centennial Quilt has been delivered -- with its 12-page appraisal! -- to a member of the Museum Board.  My Baby has left home...and truth be told, I'm delighted.  :-)  She weighed in at $795 CAD, and an admirable job was done by my friend and ISA member, Dawn Hunt.  She's one of a handful of Certified Quilt Appraisers in Canada, and I'm so glad she's nearby!  She may be a quilty friend, but she's also highly ethical, personable and completely professional about what she does (and yes, she's a SAQA member, too!).  What's not to love?  If you're in Alberta, and need a quilt appraised (for estate purposes, donation purposes, insurance purposes, whatever)...look her up.  She won't steer you wrong!

In the past few days I've also managed to pick up rock-garden plants from Tail Creek Nurseries -- a donation for the North Haven Park garden bed in time for Mirror's Centennial -- and have arranged for the Moms 'n' Tots to help me plant on Friday morning.  (Note: Tail Creek is now having their end-of-season sale, so if you still have some gardening needs...)

Meanwhile, an elderly fellow knowledgeable in history and flags has repaired the garden's flagpole; all that's needed now is for the County to come and prop it back up again, so that we can fly the two flags (Alberta and Canadian Maple Leaf) donated by the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.  Preferably this will happen on time for the Centennial Celebrations -- now less than a month away.

And the Community Hall's facelift is proceeding apace -- the better to mount the mural commissioned for the Centennial.  And the Church has now had its foundation stucco'd (sp?)...and the grass mowed...the better to prepare for replacing the siding and building the stairs and mending the fence and uncovering the graves so that all will be ready for the CC...

And I finished "I Was Hungry".  Just have to sew down the facing, attach a label and sleeve...and take a photo -- so stay tuned!

And...I've been given a sock commission  -- two pair! -- and have found at least one suitable yarn in stash. Construction commences shortly.

And...I delivered the Dr. Who Scarf to its intended recipient.  Father took photos.  Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to be able to post one.  Stay tuned!

And...it's time for supper.

Good thing, too.  :-)  Have a lovely evening!

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