Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New Shoes...and Other News

It looks like turquoise is the colour my feet will be wearing for some time, since I picked up these track shoes and Crocs (R) yesterday to replace the sad, sorry ones I've worn for at least 5 years (longer? I shudder to think!)  They were, in part, necessity, and in part a reward for having had to buy new slacks as well.  No matter the speed (or lack thereof!), I've lost enough weight in the past 16 months to require I replace all my pants.  I'm giving away 2 pair -- "good" jeans and a pair of cords -- and have replaced them with "good" jeans and a pair of black denims that are a bit dressier.  Another pair of cords will be replaced in the fall, when corduroy is re-stocked in my favourite new-clothes store, Northern Reflections.

It felt great to get back to the trails today -- the Alix Nature Trail (6 km) plus a few more blocks back to my car, or about 8 km maximum in about an hour -- after 10 days fighting a cold and rainy weather.  The new Nikes (R) passed their first outing with flying colours, and then I slipped into the clogs when I got home.  Ah....

In other news, members of the Alberta contingent of the SAQA Western Canada Region had their second-ever Parlour Meeting in Red Deer yesterday at the home of Co-Rep Patti Morris.  The group included 3 new members since our last meeting (June 2011) and 2 guests.  Several of us brought our finished 12" squares for the Regional Trunk Show, which has its first opening on June 8 at the Central Alberta Quilt Guild Show, Westerner Park, Red Deer.  There will be 40 pieces in all, I believe, and what a wonderful collection!  If you're going to be in the area, please take in the entire quilt show and especially our exhibit.  Patti and/or other local members will be on site to answer questions about the work.  (The photo is of Patti and her prize-winning quilt from the 2011 show.  Stunning work, Patti!)

The meeting was full of sharing and information.  After an intro-show-and-tell time (so many stories; so little time!!), member Barbara West gave us a short talk on what she's learned and observed about women artists, women's presence in the Art World, and particularly women's textile art from the perspective of the Art World.    After a delicious lunch (Patti is a talented and gracious hostess!), member Dawn Hunt, an AQS and ISA certified appraiser and member of PAAQT, spoke to the group about why art quilters should have their work appraised.  Personally, I'm not "there" yet (i.e., not worried about the value of my work) -- except when it comes to the Centennial Quilt, which is being donated to the Mirror & District Museum.  The Museum Board has asked for a valuation so it can give me a receipt.  As a result, I'll be taking the finished quilt to Dawn when I visit Calgary at month-end, so she can give me a proper appraisal and I can provide this to the Museum.  It will be the first appraisal of my own work and though it is more 'traditional' than 'artistic', I have to admit there's a bit of a thrill thinking it might have a base value that's worth adding to the Museum's inventory and my own personal records.

All for now...I am woefully behind on 2 crazy quilt blocks -- not counting the 2 I haven't even started yet! -- and working on the Centennial Quilt, reading the blogs I follow and posting to my SAQA Visioning Page.

"The hurrierder I go, the behinder I get!"  -- so I'd best lace up my track shoes and be off and running!

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