Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Photo Update

Nothing says 'spring cleaning' like a re-organized studio.  I know it looks crowded, but being able to see the top of the cutting table, and moving the sewing station into a walled-in corner were the two key things accomplished!

Oh yes; on the design wall?  Some of the blocks for the 'Secret Project'.  :-)

And this is what I finished earlier this afternoon:

TAST Week 12 - Barred Chain Stitch
I was glad when Sharon B called for a week's break in the challenge, because it took me a while to get my head around this variation on a chain stitch.  When at last I did, though, I thought it made for a very pretty trellis.  The necktie used in this one was, I believe, the one my DH wore with his baby blue polyester leisure suit (complete with epaulettes and contrasting black buttons) to go on our honeymoon.  (1975...what a year!)  The funky textured bits are pieces of a narrow knit scarf I came across at a thrift store.

3 comments: said...

Why are there no comments here!?

Your studio is awesome - nice & bright. Is that a Canada Day quilt?? I see redwork too I think? Hard to tell... Your stitches and choice of colors in the last photo is melting me! Oh it's sooo sooo delicious. : )


Glad I stopped by.

(p.s. it's raining now, but freezing & will be sleet & snow next! aaaah!


Bee said...

I can't imagine snow in April! (Its in the 80's here.) Your studio looks so inviting....bright and cheerful! I love your stitching. That is a beautiful piece!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Very nicely done barred chain stitching :)