Wednesday, March 07, 2012

WIP Wednesday Again!

I don't post regularly about my WIPs on a Wednesday...but that's probably because I have WIPs goin' on every day of the week!

This week, though, I got an earlier-than-usual start on my TAST Week 10 block, so it's already a WIP for this Wednesday.  The featured stitch this week is Running Stitch, with takes some imagination to use creatively on a crazy quilt block!  

I've been working on the central red-brown band, creating motifs of running stitch with two strands of black floss.  The centre section is whipped running stitch in which I created a 'wave' of black stitches, and then went in with cream-coloured floss and a whip stitch to add colour, dimension and texture.  I'm thinking I'll put some beads, buttons and/or other embellishment in the centres of the waves.  Next up: accent the striped neck-tie section!

If you read this post yesterday, you may be wondering how the snow dyeing turned out.  Here's how it looked about half-way through the process:

Yes, that's (golden) yellow snow -- but not from the usual source! ;-)

And here are the subtle spring colours created on the light-weight unbleached muslin that I used:

The blue will be perfect for a sky later...or maybe I'll do some sort of piecing with all three.  

What are you working on today?


Mary Ann Tate said...

Snow dying really gives some lovely results. I had not heard of it until recently and now I seem to see it all over the place.

elle said...

The whipped running stitch compliments the stripes wonderfully. Your snow dyed fabric is great!

Sheila said...

Oh I would love to try. Snow dyeing. Those colors are so soft and pretty .

Regina said...

While I don't need a new hobby I do need something to make me look at all that snow in my yard with new eyes - snow dying might do the trick ;-).
Your fabric is lovely.