Friday, March 23, 2012

A Quick Check-up

with Dr. Who:

I'm knitting the Season 12 version (stripes were changed depending on the Season of the program) and while it's relatively mindless, it's not as easy as it looks -- at least, not with the yarn I'm using.  The colours available are perfect for this project, and the hand and the drape of the Vanna's Choice Solids (Lion Brand Yarns) feels and looks good.  The pattern is all garter stitch.  Should be a piece o' cake, eh?

However, I'm a fairly speedy knitter, and sometimes the points of my needles, though reasonably blunt (Aero straights, #6 CAD/UK -- or 5 mm.) split the yarn.  I've had to frog up to eight rows a couple of times when I noticed -- too late -- a skinny patch caused by a split stitch that was too far down to correct with a crochet hook.

Lesson learned?  Even the simplest patterns require skill and care to turn out well.  While the intended recipient of this scarf -- a teen-aged boy -- will likely be oblivious to the evenness (or not) of his scarf, as the practitioner of the craft making it, I need to make it with less speed and more care.

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Linda A. Miller said...

Yes, it all requires paying attention, doesn't it? Even when we think it will be easy....