Monday, March 19, 2012


from an unexpected source.

This morning I opened an e-mail from Micaela Fitzsimmons, Exhibit and Collection Co-ordinator at the Stratford Perth Museum, where my wee piece, Circle Play, is showing as part of the SAQA 2011 Trunk Show (Canadian Edition), "This is a Quilt!"  I've not had the pleasure of meeting her, but do hope I will one of these days.  Her letter warmed my heart, and thrilled me to my toes.

She began by saying she sought me out because my piece was the only Canadian contribution to that particular Section -- "Trunk C" of the show (there are several; if you're interested in having the show visit your area, you can get in touch with SAQA here.)  I was surprised, because that particular section of the trunk show was specifically designated to be available to travel throughout Canada.*  Still, it's full of delicious images and textures, all small pieces, matted, for your viewing pleasure.

Ms. Fitzsimmons added that though the Museum's website is being updated so photos aren't available there, she posted several on her blog in mid-February, just after the exhibit opened.  The SAQA pieces are hung amidst a variety of heritage quilts from the Museum's collection specifically to complement the trunk show.

Lastly, Ms. Fitzsimmons remarked on my particular piece, as well as her visit to my wee blog and my work in general.  I won't repeat her words, but suffice to say I will savour their sweetness for a very long time.  :-)

*Note: even though it's the designated Canadian section of the trunk show, it's scheduled to travel through Taiwan from May 10 through December 10 this year, so if you want to see this particular part of the Show (my friend and colleague, Nancy Cook of North Carolina is in this section too) you'd best get on it for 2013!

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