Thursday, February 23, 2012

What the Well-dressed Chair is Wearing This Year

OR, why I'm not knitting my socks, shawl or sweater.  
Chair booties!

Modelled by one of my maple dining chairs in my kitchen

An acquaintance of mine from aquacize class has recently re-done her floors, and now has laminate flooring in her dining room   She needed something to protect the floor from her chairs but though she knits, she hasn't mastered dpns (double-pointed needles) for something this small.  She provided the yarn (left-over acrylic something) and rough instructions.  I'm providing the labour.  :-)  These are 22 stitches on 4.5 mm needles.  Knit 1:1 ribbing for 13 rounds; knit 1 row plain. Then, k2tog all the way around. Knit another plain row.  Then, k2tog all the way around.  Cut yarn and thread the end through the remaining 6 stitches, et voila!  Depending on how securely you want to have them on your chair, you can thread a bit of yarn through the ribbing near the top and tie it in a tidy bow.  She volunteered to do that once they're finished, so these ones are without ties.

Oh, and she's somewhere down south till early March, which is a good thing; I've knit 6, and there are 10 more to go (4 chairs x 4 booties each).  I do a couple a day, in between other things, so this means I'll have 'em finished in good time to take to the March 5 class.  :-)

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