Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Never Quite Caught Up

Take a Stitch (on) Tuesday originates in Australia, which means it's Tuesday there when it's Monday here, and Monday there when it's Sunday here.

I get Sharon B's blog posts about sitting with her cuppa, looking at the work done by others on the stitch of any given week -- while here it's Sunday night and I'm still stitching away.  Sometimes looking at that work is inspiring; other times, I find myself fighting off the Green Meanies of Envy, wishing my design were coming together more smoothly.  Sigh.

Still, I generally manage to finish my block within the week on Northern Hemisphere other-side-of-the-dateline time, and today is no exception with my Week 6 block featuring Chevron Stitch.

This is one of the weeks in which I am less satisfied with it, compared to the delight of last week's block.  It's the typical artist's dilemma: knowing when to stop; wondering whether or not it needs just a wee bit of something more.  The tie I had to work with was another funky seventies polyester number, but I really liked the colours, and knew just what fabric and thread I had to go with it.  Loosening up to get that chevron off the seams and into something different took some shaking up of my powerful left brain, and I'm still not sure...

But it's a new week, and I'm off to find the next recycled necktie, make a new block, break some chains and pick me some daisies!

P.S.  Sometime in the past week I was found by another follower, bringing the total of my Faithful Readers to 28.  I can't seem to tell, when I click into the list of followers, who the newbies are, so if you've just joined my journey and I haven't thanked you yet -- well, you know who you are.  Consider yourselves thanked!  I really do appreciate each Gentle Reader and those who leave comments, which are like receiving a warm hug across cyberspace.  Blessings, all!


Unknown said...

Margaret, I've scroll down your blog and have a look to your different works, they are so interesting! so, I don't know for what post is better to leave a comment :)
I choose first :)
Thank you for commenting in CQJP, have a nice day!
greetings from Russia,

Judy Warner said...

Hi Margaret,
I love the effect of your decorative stitches in this piece. That turquoise is a wonderful focal point!