Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finished on Tuesday...

Posted on Wednesday.  Here's my latest crazy patch block for Take A Stitch (on) Tuesday -- Week 7 in the series (already!), Unattached Chain or Lazy Daisy stitch.  We were challenged not to make just flowers with it, and a challenge it was!  

I found a tee-shirt in the thrift shop in which I volunteer monthly, and scavenged all the sequins and beads used here from that one shirt.  The neat thing is, the shirt itself is in good condition -- it had simply lost some of its beads so we didn't put it out for sale.  Now that the beads etc. have been removed, it's clean and going back to the shop!

The paisley was my Week 7 silk necktie; the red to the right on that same 'row' was a wee bit of sculptured velvet (or maybe velveteen) I had in my scraps.  The elaborate piece at the top left corner was cut from a piece of drapery/upholstery fabric scraps that a draper friend of mine gave me when I still lived in the City.  I had great fun adding to it with the Stitch of the Week.

Now on to Week 8!

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