Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Stitching

Today's been windy, snowy and grey, so I stayed inside and stitched.  Apparently a Chinook is moving in, but it doesn't feel like it here -- yet!

First I tackled my Feather Stitch for Take A Stitch (on) Tuesday, Week 3.  This is just the start; since this photo, I've added some more to the white section in the lower right corner.  Because the tie pattern is so bold, I've decided to hold off on more than that now -- it's time to audition some beads and buttons!

Empty Space is a Place - Detail
Next I put on an episode of The Quilt Show that I hadn't seen, and finished my City and Guilds sample -- hand-quilting the almost-10" square piece that I'd stamped in a previous assignment.  This is a close-up shot (right).

I call the piece "Empty Space is a Place", based on the fact that this piece was stamped with triangles that were the 'negative' of the original design -- and because I've had on my mind the Call for Entry to the Focus on Fibre Art Association's biennial show: Spaces and Places.  

No, I'm not entering a sample into a show! ;-)  But I did, in the end, spend part of this afternoon preparing an entry.  I decided to submit "Nobody Here But Us", a piece I finished last spring based on a photo of a stand of trees near my home, taken in the winter.  I got busy and re-photographed it -- both a full and a detail view -- saved the photos to a CD, filled out the entry form and a cheque for the fee, etc.  It will go in the mail Monday or Tuesday (Early Bird deadline is Feb. 3).  The last time I entered this show (2010), my piece, "Picked for the Ripening", won third place in the Small Wall Quilt category!  That quilt was sold at the SAQA auction last fall, and now lives with a dear friend and SAQA colleague in her New York home.

Ah, then...we shall see what we shall see...

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