Wednesday, January 18, 2012

May I Recommend...

The Painted Quiltby Linda Kemshall and her daughter, Laura.  In addition to the book, Linda and Laura have created a wonderful DVD/CD set, which they are currently selling for just under 10 GBP.  I couldn't resist the special price, and ordered it a few weeks ago.  Then...I let it sit by my computer...till last evening.  I have no idea why I was procrastinating -- and I'm delighted I finally roused myself out of my frozen January state, and watched the DVD.

Linda and Laura explain in detail three of their favourite techniques for painting on quilted fabric, show the viewer exactly how each is done, and then show him/her three projects -- from start to finish -- using one or all of the techniques.

The CD contains tips, worksheets and printable patterns for the projects.  Yummy!

While I watched, I worked on hand quilting my own 'painted' piece from my City & Guilds Module 5, Activity 10 (remember, Linda is not only my inspiration -- she's my tutor!)  This is the first of two pieces I stamped with a handmade stamp and acrylic paint, mixed with a drop or two of textile medium; after it dried and before stitching, I set the design with a dry hot iron.  Now my task is to quilt it up and see what sort of effect I get.  Stay tuned for the finished results in a later post.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

your piece is very interesting....I have never painted on fabric...I tend to be an old school hand quilter, but trying to break out a little....thanks for sharing.

Sheila said...

Can't wait to see the finished quilt , sounds so interesting.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Ha! And people tease me that my work is so small. ; ) Those painted triangles are awesome! Have fun stitching and thanks for linking. : )
~Monika K.
sewing in Saskatoon

Judy Warner said...

Another great resource, Margaret. I look forward to seeing your finished piece.

Robin Olsen said...

How exciting--I didn't know they have a new book out--thanks for pointing that out. Your stamped quilt block is very interesting--I'm eager to see the results.