Thursday, December 01, 2011


Lost touch for a few hours this morning when Google/Blogger locked me out of my own account. Apparently, there was some "unauthorized activity" going on here that I didn't know about.  Why Management (i.e. Google) decides that the "Authorized User" (i.e. me) was doing Whatever It Was is beyond me, but I guess in Social Networking, it's "Guilty until proven innocent."  Sigh.  I couldn't even comment on the blogs I follow (the ones I remembered without my trusty Reading List).  I would try to comment and get the message that the owner of whatever blog wouldn't allow me to sign in/join/follow the blog -- as if she (yes, they're all 'she') knew I'd been up to some sort of nefarious activity.  Sheesh!

The solution?  I reset my pass-word.  I'm back now, and much relieved!

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