Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back to the Mystery

All the QSTs!
I finished Part 1 of the OBMQ early this morning, and moved on to Part 2.  Though we have to end up with 72  3.5" squares, this section of the project is almost restful compared to the first; it consists of flip-and-stitch strip sewing on paper foundations -- something I can do!

Some of the blues, ready to sew
Part 2 is a study in blues, which is great practice for designing with colour, focusing on the different shades, tones and textures in my blue fabric strips and scraps.

I need to pace myself with this project, as I've discovered it can be rather addictive!  Working with chains of two, three or even four, I've managed to make 14 of the 3.5" blocks today.  Allowing for my 'usual' Monday in Lacombe, 14 a day will get me to the goal of 72 by Friday, when the next 'clue' is due to be revealed.  Meanwhile, we have strict instructions not to sew any of these little squares together -- but they are so much fun to play with!

Once I finished my daily quota, I settled down with my C&G hexagons, stitching them together as I watched some wonderful episodes of The Quilt Show.  An altogether perfect evening!


Judy Warner said...

This looks like a fascinating process!

Margaret said...

Thanks Judy; it is!

Also -- Sincere apologies to the person whose comment I just deleted by accident!! Apparently I can't recover it... :-(

Rabid Quilter from California said...

I agree with your assessment of clue #1 and clue #2. The latter was "restful"! I'm a little scared of the ones to come. If you haven't ripped the paper off the backs of these yet, take a look at my post to see a time-saving hint!

Ellen said...

Sounds like you were much more careful with your selection and placement of your strings. I basically just picked up a scrap and if it fit I used it.

Margarita Korioth said...

How fun to play and wait till you know whats next!

Candace said...

Your blocks look wonderful. Can't wait for step 3 tomorrow.